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consulting firm


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About our company

a Business Development and Marketig consulting firm

We are a group of Iranian experts in Business Development, Marketing, Sales HR, Law, Trading, Business excellence, Graphic, Movie Making and etc. We have minimum 10 years’ experience in top management of largest Iranian and International Corporation in different industries. We was working together as colleagues, business partners and project members, now we found Iran United Consulting firm to synergistic our knowledge , experiences and network to help foreign companies, that want to start or grow their business in Iran.

Our vision

Help Iran’s economics and technologies to growing up by investment and trading with top rank international companies and help International companies to develop their markets to Iran and the Middle East.

Our mission

Offering high quality full services (Business Development, Marketing, Trade, Law and etc.) for businesses which want to grow their market in Iran and the Middle East. And promote the welfare level of our consultants. The public will recognize us via our sustainable development and commitment to ethics and social responsibilities.

Core values

-Result orientation
- Customer centricity
- Dynamic Entrepreneurship
- Considering the collective benefits
- Flexibility
- People Development & Involvement and teamwork
- Continuous Learning, Innovation & Improvement
- Improving the social status
- Responsibility & Accountability

Our work team

Arash Behjo
Business Development
& Marketing Consultant

FMCG, Media & ICT

Abed Aftabi
Business Development Consultant

IT & Telecomunication

Davoud Saljoughis
Marketing Consultant

Dairi, FMCG & Constraction

Ali Rostami

Real state and Hand-crafts

Why choose us

We have strong background in Business development and marketing in Iran and the Middle East, working closely with International corporations and we have wide network in public sector, private sector and NGO in Iran, also. In other side, all of organization, and corporations that we are working with, satisfy of our services.

Our Team

All of our team members are graduated in Ph.D. or Master of Science in related majors form top grade universities. We are working as CEO, Board member or top manager in largest companies and organizations in Iran and the Middle East.

Our Network

Based on our experience in working on deferent sectors and industries, we have multiple connections to public sector, Private Sector and NGO in Iran and the Middle East.

Costomer satisfaction

It’s our honor to tell all of organization and corporations which we are working with, satisfy of our services. You can see their testimonials on our portfolio page and our personal page on linked in.


Abed has been one of the most ambitious yet quite well-organized people i have worked with, in the fields of business analysis and development. As a work group, i and abed were supposed to look for new ideas associated with value added services of a mobile network operator, go through the investigation, modelling and due diligence phases and finally turn it to a successful development ready to invest in. I found abed an assiduous smart guy, having the best big picture of the business while capable of digging into the most sophisticated technical details. He also shown a good mastery on corporate finance, strategic planning and new product development concepts and practices.For sure i have the pleasure of recommending him for any top level managerial task especially when it comes to high-tech industries and venture capital efforts. Sadegh Fadaee
Financial Consultant
Arash is a manger who always sees the big picture and with strategic perspective. His communication style makes everything easier to confronted. Ali Anoushiravani
Product Manager at Maadiran
To sum up, Arash is fully dedicated to his work and his responsibilities, with great negotiation skills as well as valuable marketing managerial experiences. he enjoys communicating with people and making professional relationships globally, therefore, he knows many people in various industries, you can always ask him for connections. Naazanin Shaahrokhi
Chief Procurement Officer